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In School our initial goal was to develop our learners into digital literates; be sure they were comfortable using a computer and the Microsoft suite. Today the shift is in using Google apps for Education and several other apps to promote 21st century skills. We also recognize that our learners today are digitally literate (using the apps to  produce a certain end product), and the next step is to achieve digital fluency (using devices to make student thinking visible, to give every student a voice, and to allow them to share their work.)Our learners,  “Generation Z” never knew a world without smartphones, tablets, and social media. They talk in images, they prefer learning that has meaning and purpose, they like to have hands on projects, and they like to be creative.

To achieve these goals in the middle division, we are using technology to support problem based learning and collaborations. The students worked in teams on a complex and real-world challenge, that required them to plan an event. It entailed planning, budgeting, promoting through social media, and presentation.In the younger grades the students are sharpening their skills through engaging and collaborative projects, that encourage students to focus on the method they use to reach a solution rather than the solution itself. Each project addressing the needs and interests of individual students. Their thinking becomes visible through apps like Google Drawing and Slides.My goal is for each and every student to have the skills needed to express themselves through technology, to leave with a love of learning and recognize their personal style of learning through technology to prepared our students for their working lives.

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