This is what you will need on the first day for Excel:
Course Code: JJ8T35e1-23452
It is probably used most businesses as the Excel program or as Google Sheets than any other program.

Class description: an electronic spreadsheet program is integral in today's workplace and for personal use.

There are many advantages to Google Sheets as it can be saved in the Google Drive, it can be shared with anyone you choose and can be edited by more than one user. There are still some advantages to the orignal version as it is generally more robust. Sheets offers Add-ons to accommodate this though I haven't tried them.Do you find yourself or your employees doing the same actions over and over again in your spreadsheets? I can create macros (a set of instructions) so that Excel can do that repetitive work for you. I have helped many companies over the years do just this. If you want to see your business run more efficiently, please contact me. 

 Today virtually every business relies on Excel to organize data, calculate values, keep inventory tables, and use charts.